Our ABC Sport's programme

Sports progamme/ABC’s

ProInfinity/More2childcare’s sports programmes are designed to introduce a range of movement experiences for under 5s.  These help to improve co-ordination, locomotion, control, balance, and manipulation.

Through taking part in physical activities, children will begin to develop an understanding of safe practices, the relationship between physical activity and good health in everyday life.

They will develop social skills such as turn-taking, sharing, co-operating and negotiating, and values such as trust, fairness and respect for others.

Play situations provide ideal opportunities for children to create their own movement sequences and simple games. During these activities, children make decisions, refine performance and improve their movement skills.

ProInfinity Coaching – An introduction

ProInfinity is a professional sports coaching company introducing sports to children.  With over 15 years of delivering quality multi sports coaching, they have the experience and programmes to ensure your children receive the best coaching possible through sports sessions which are both fun and rewarding.

You should be confident that by attending a ProInfinity course your child is gaining access to the best quality coaching available (all coaches hold specific activity based qualifications, DBS certification and are First Aid trained).  Additionally, all courses have been developed in conjunction with UK sports leading authorities. 

Other Benefits

Physical activity provides health benefits for children, including:

  • Providing important protection from developing coronary heart disease;

  • A longer life with better managed weight, lower blood pressure and healthier

  • cholesterol levels;

  • Healthy growth and development of the cardio respiratory system as well as bones and muscles; and

  • Mental and social health benefits including feelings of confidence, happiness and relaxation as well as an ability to sleep better.

Other benefits of a positive attitude to physical activity include higher self- esteem, improved health and well being, good social skills, more willingness to take risks and a higher liklihood  to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle as they grow older.